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What Do You Need on the Midterm to Get an A?

As the semester winds down, most students begin to frantically calculate their GPA to find out what they need to make in order to get an A or B in a class. Take away the stress by tracking your assignments and calculate your GPA throughout the semester with our GPA calculator and assignment tracker tools. When you receive your syllabus at the beginning of each semester, simply add the assignments to your assignment tracker for each class.

GPA Caclulator

With the assignment tracker, you are able to input each assignment and keep track of the assignment due dates and grades. As a deadline for an assignment approaches, we will notify you of your upcoming due date. Instead of crunching numbers at the end of the semester to make the grade you’re striving for, set goals and expectations ahead of the final exam a to stay on track. There’s no need to worry about GPA scales or GPA formulas – we tell you exactly what score you must make in order to make that A on every assignment.

GPA Calculator 2

Many students are enrolled in classes with heavy workloads and this can be tough to manage when dealing with multiple assignments and courses. With the assignment tracker, students have quick access to all their upcoming assignments and will know what their GPA is in real-time. Take out the guesswork and know what your grade is without having to check in with the professor during their office hours.

Simply input each assignment as you receive it, add the grade received  for that assignment, track your progress through the semester and when finals roll around you will already know what you need to make in order to get that A in that class!

Do you have any suggestions for our GPA Calculator? We want to know what you think about this tool!

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